Project Hope Foundation of Florida, Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization developed to  enhance the potential of individuals with Autism or related disabilities, by offering support for services, community education, and family/caregiver resources.   


Funds donated to the Foundation shall be used exclusively for the following purposes:           

  1. Provide scholarships for clients eligible for the Hope Early Learning Program, based on need; 

  2. Provide therapeutic, recreational, and academic materials to enhance the developmental and learning potential for these children;

  3. Provide respite (time out for caregivers);

  4. Offer parent/caregiver support groups, activities, and training sessions or conferences;

  5. In time, our plan is to add more services to help Autistic individuals transition into adulthood.         




    *See our Events page for what's coming up, from Project Hope Foundation of Florida.




Here is our wish list:

  • $1000 to $5000 to fund scholarships for ABA services for children in need.

  • $2000  sponsorship towards major equipment for therapy, sensory room, or playground.

  • $500 to $1000  towards technology and innovative programs to enhance the learning potential of children with Autism and related disorders.

  • $250 will pay for five hours of in-center respite (a break for caregivers) for up to 9 children.

  • $100 will fund up to 10 therapeutic toys or games for these children.

  • $25 to $50 will fund about 5-10 books for the children's library.



 Board of Directors:                      Volunteers:

Rebecca Birchfield                      JoAnn Gerstein

Kerri Christensen                           Shelly Kreidy

Deborah Collins                            Kathi Lloyd

Vivianne Hall                                 Madison Miller

Jeanne Knight                               Luke Tsarnas

Melisa Shearin

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