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Working together for a common goal

At PHAS we value our team of RBTs and BCBAs. We recognize the hard work, dedication, and emotional and physical endurance our employees bring to the job every day. We focus on teamwork and offer a supportive and collaborative environment between supervisors and technicians.

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Why Work at PHAS?

These are are real testimonials from PHAS staff members:

"Project Hope is the most amazing, diverse, professional, dependable, encouraging, empathetic, and engaging company I've worked for. Over the years, I've encountered companies that don't value what they stand for. I am so fortunate to be part of this team. Project Hope, is a small center but everyone in there makes you feel like family. If being part of a family, energetic, and well-surrounding company is what you looking for, this is where you should be. The owner is very flexible and resourceful she will make sure you feel wanted in the company to her best capacity."
"Working at Project Hope has taught me so much. All of the staff is super friendly and supervisors are always available to help or answer any questions. This is a company that genuinely cares about the lives of their clients and takes pride in making a difference. "
"Consistent schedule, minimal cancellations for all staff. Management is open and supportive. Good work environment, amazing teamwork among RBTs. No evenings or weekends. Working with ASD clients can be challenging and also very rewarding. I love my job."
"I absolutely love working at Project Hope Autism Services. I get plenty of support and the staff is always very helpful. Anytime I need support, a BCBA is available and willing to help. All of the RBTs are so kind and work together. I’m continually learning and growing and I have grown so much as a RBT since I started this job."
"I started with Project Hope in December 2020 and couldn't be happier. The patients, staff, and parents are wonderful. I find the atmosphere positive and rewarding. The supervisors are supportive and the staff is dedicated to making an impact on the lives of children with Autism."
"I absolutely LOVE working at Project Hope! Staff and management are fully invested in teaching our clients and passionate about doing so. Management is always supportive and gives constant feedback. I am excited to learn and grow with this company!"
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