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Project Hope Autism Services, Inc. was developed to meet the growing need for services for the Autistic Community in Jupiter, FL. We know how overwhelming it can be to receive a diagnosis of Autism, and we recognize that few programs offer the comprehensive approach that is needed for these individuals.


We aim to provide a diverse array of ASD services in the Jupiter area to help families and individuals reach their goals. 


Studies show that early intervention is critical in helping children diagnosed with Autism to reach their full potential. Research has demonstrated that language, academic, social, and cognitive skills can be significantly improved with early intervention for autistic children in the Jupiter area, as well as related disorders.


Our Hope Early Learning Program is designed to maximize your child’s developmental skills, help your family on this difficult journey, and offer the resources you need to navigate your goals and plan of action. 


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Deborah Collins  MSN, ARNP, MEd, BCBA
Owner, Director

Deborah is the mother of an 11-year-old boy with Autism and Epilepsy. After seeing significant progress using ABA with her son, she started this program to help him and others with Autism and related diagnoses.  Deborah graduated from Arizona State University in December 1999 with a Master's in Education and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Deborah is also a Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified in Functional Medicine. She has 30 years of nursing experience with 18  of those years as a Nurse Practitioner.  She has also received training from the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS).


Deborah enjoys family time with her son and husband of 22 years and is a lifelong student with a love for learning. One of her favorite quotes is "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain."

Rita Martinez, BCBA
RM PIC.jpg
Raena Mashler, BCaBA

Raena Mashler's academic journey began in elementary education. Where following college in 2010 she became a certified teacher. Raena is ESOL endorsed, has taught Kindergarten through 12th grades, and worked in the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) middle school setting.


Raena developed a passion for helping students and the parents of students with special needs. She began her ABA experience in the home, clinic, and school environments  Later she became a BCaBA and worked for St. Lucie County as a behavior analyst, behavior coach, and parent trainer. She is currently working as a BCaBA and Analyst in Jupiter, and working towards her Master's degree in ABA and becoming a BCBA.

Raena enjoys animals, art, and nature. In her free time, she likes hiking, kayaking, DIY home renovation, and spending time with her husband and daughter. 

Jaime Manners, BCBA
Taylor Kozlin, RBT

Taylor is currently a student at Florida International University finishing her degree in ABA Psychology . Taylor is passionate about helping others and learning. Her inspiration to join the ABA field came from her prior experience working with students with special needs in Palm Beach County schools. Taylor is working towards obtaining her Masters and hopes to become a BCBA in the near future. 

In her free time, she likes paddle boarding, traveling, and yoga. Taylor enjoys being outdoors, reading and spending time with her son. 

Seteiva Simonelli, RBT
Madeline Salem, RBT
Dayna Alkins
Savannah Gill , RBT
Tionne Morgan , RBT
Moe Bent , RBT
Jeinmy Cruz  , RBT

Jeinmy began her journey working with kids with autism in 2022. Jeinmy has worked with kids ranging from 2 to 9 years old. During this experience she has learned basic ASL such as open, more and eat. Jeinmy has recently started working for the school district as a 

RBT. Jeinmy's responsibility is to redirect and help her clients focus in the classroom 

Jeinmy's passion to help kids with autism started with watching her cousin diagnosed with autism navigate life. This motivated Jeinmy to help provide a better future for kids and their families. 

Jeinmy enjoys animals, walks, going to the beach and spending time with family. During Jeinmy's free time she plays with her cats and dogs and likes making them home made treats. 

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