Project Hope Autism Services, Inc. was developed to meet the growing need of services for the Autism Community. We know how overwhelming it can be to receive a diagnosis of Autism, and we recognize that few programs offer the comprehensive approach that is needed for these individuals.


We aim to provide a diverse array of services to help families and individuals reach their goals. 


Studies show that early intervention is critical in helping children diagnosed with Autism to reach their full potential. Research has demonstrated that language, academic, social and cognitive skills can be significantly improved with early intervention for children diagnosed with Autism and related disorders.


Our Hope Early Learning Program is designed to maximize your child’s developmental skills, help your family on this difficult journey, and offer the resources you need to navigate your goals and plan of action. 


Deborah Collins  ARNP, NP-C, MEd,
Owner and President

Deborah Collins is a Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified in Functional Medicine, and has a Master’s degree in Education with a focus on Applied Behavioral Analysis.  She has  also received training from the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS).


Deborah has 28 years of experience as a nurse with 15 of those years as a Nurse Practitioner. She is the mother of a nine-year-old boy with multiple diagnoses including  brain tumor, autism and epilepsy, and has seen significant improvements in her son’s development by incorporating Applied Behavioral Analysis programs.  She  aims to provide the highest quality and most effective programs, while helping parents and caregivers navigate this often difficult journey.


Deborah enjoys family time with her son and husband of 19 years, and is a lifelong student with a love for learning. One of her favorite quotes is "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain." 

John Hampel, PhD, BCBA-D
Clinical Director

John Hampel holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Western Michigan University where he received the life-long gift of applied behavior analysis (ABA) from Jack Michael (a close associate of B. F. Skinner).  In 1996 John completed his  pre-doctoral internship at Children’s Seashore House (with F. Charles Mace in Philadelphia), where he began his now 25+ year career in ABA helping individuals with developmental and behavioral challenges. 


Dr. John is huge fan of building and sustaining positive, caring learning relationships, teaching verbal behavior (based on Skinner’s analysis), and supports the field of ABA through ongoing college level teaching and supervision.  Board Certified as a Behavior Analyst since December 2000, Dr. John has managed multiple clinical teams in residential settings, designed special needs classrooms and instruction systems, and consulted with and/or trained hundreds of parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators in a range of public and private settings. 


Besides playing with kids (of all ages) and spending time with his spouse of 21 years, John loves outdoor life (from beaches to mountains), riding his bicycles, and listening to a wide variety of music (from Mozart, Debussy, and Stravinski, to Leonard Cohen, Miles Davis, and the Beatles).


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