Project Hope Autism Services, Inc. is a center-based program located in Jupiter Florida, providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and social skills programs for children aged 18 mos to10 yrs, diagnosed with Autism and related disorders.  


Our services are directed by a BCBA-D with extensive knowledge and experience in the field.  We are dedicated to providing a learning environment for our clients that is fun, dynamic, rewarding, and as natural as possible.  Our ultimate goal is to help each learner meet his/her full potential, using a team approach, parent/caregiver training, and generalization of skills from the start.

Our Hope Early Learning Program for ages 18 mos to 6 yrs old  is designed to maximize your child's developmental skills, and provide the services needed to reach his or her full potential. Research has demonstrated that communication, social, cognitive, and life skills can be significantly improved with early intervention for children with Autism and related disorders.




  • Center-based early intervention program based on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) (often covered by insurance) for children aged 18 mos to 6 yrs old diagnosed with Autism and related disorders

  • After-school ABA therapy and social skills programs based on applied behavior analysis for elementary school students.

  • Owned by a Family (Functional Medicine) Nurse Practitioner and mother of a child with Autism

  • All ABA services are directed by a Doctorate level BCBA (BCBA-D)

  • A primary focus on B.F. Skinner's principles of verbal behavior, to maximize functional communication skills

  • An approach and environment to teaching skills that is natural, fun, and rewarding for the learner

  • Additional focus on skills necessary to prepare children for mainstream schooling

  • Comprehensive developmental and behavioral assessments, with interventions that are specific to your child’s individual needs

  • Ongoing analysis of progress and plan revisions to monitor and ensure your child's success

  • Parent/caregiver training to incorporate skills learned into the home and community

  • Toilet training when your child is ready

  • Food acceptance and feeding compliance


Our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals with Autism and related disabilities using a comprehensive approach. By incorporating Applied Behavioral Analysis and other therapeutics, education and family resources, we strive to help each individual meet their full potential.